On Location Services: $125 per person – trial run $70.00 per person – 5 party minimum.


In Studio Services: $100.00 per person – Trial Run $70.00 per person – No Minimum.


Tips For Camera Ready Make-up:


Trial Run

2 – 4 weeks before the wedding.
Pre selection of colors and make-up styles are discussed and applied. All selections and techniques are recorded for the day of the event. Touch up products will also be recommended. The duration of our application is approximately 12 hrs.


***New Cutting edge skin care technology that may be performed the day before your wedding.  Experience an amazing luminious glass-like finish to your skin.  No other treatment comes close to the HydraFacial™.


Treatments should begin at least 3 months before wedding. One facial every 4 weeks.

Back Facial

1-2 weeks before the wedding day.
If skin issues exist than follow facial schedule.

Self Tanning

2 – 4 applications recommended during a 2 week period before the wedding.


1 – 2 weeks before wedding.