Photography Make-up – $125

This session specializes in camera ready make-up for the world of digital photography. Weddings, television, video, & head shots require extra attention to highlighting, contouring & blending.


Make-up Lesson – $95.00

The Creme de la Creme of our make-up services. This step by step, feature by feature lesson is designed to teach the proper techniques of a professional make-up application. Your make-up artist will design one side of your face and you will design the other.


Basic Application – $85.00

Color cosmetics are selected & applied according to your hair, skin & eye color while you observe. Your make-up artist will also prepare an illustrated chart for home instruction.

Airbrush Make-up – $125.00

This unique application sprays a fine mist of oil free foundation through a compressor. This technique replicates the pixels of digital camera. Airbrush creates a lightweight, natural and seamless finish. This technique is perfect for anyone having photos appearing in video or television.

Lashes start @ 25.00

Create an extra touch of glamour with great lashes!