Super Charge Your Skin For Spring


MY FAVORITE SKIN TREATMENT IS THE NEW ***HYDRAFACIAL™***Image of Woman with Water Background

Yes this season has been colder than usual, keeping most of our skin in a dry fragile state.  Foundations don’t glide on smoothly and the base grabs the dryer areas of the face.  Oh and the blush is so blotchy it is un-blendable.  The face is dull and lacks luster.   We need to re-condition the skin from the colder climate. The best way to collect all of the benefits of a deep pore cleansing, exfoliating treatment, burst of hydration & plumping of anti-aging serums, is to experience one of the most cutting-edge facials ever invented. It’s called the HydraFacial™.  This vortex technology will give your skin a glass-like appearance for days just after one treatment. I recommend this treatment for all of my clients. It gives me a perfect canvas to work with, especially fabulous before any special event. The best results from a HydraFacial™ are seen when the skin is exposed to this treatment in a package of 6, one every 12 days until the package is complete.  If time is a factor, then schedule a HydraFacial the day before you have a special occasion.


Home care is essential to keep the benefits of the HydraFacial™ going. I recommend a peptide-based line; two of my favorites are Dermaquest & Zo Skin Health.  The Peptide Mobilizer from Dermaquest is a personal favorite for under foundation.  This serum adds tons of dew to dry devitalized skin.  Radical Night Repair from Zo Skin Health is a personal favorite for night to regenerate aging skin.

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